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Charlotte’s Light Rail System the Envy of Others

Charlotte’s light rail line is getting some good press. It seems the Lynx Rapid Transit Services, the 9.6-mile light rail line serviced by the Charlotte Area Transit System, has become the envy of Tampa, Florida. By some estimates, the Lynx system sees some 21,600 riders per day, already far in excess of the 18,100 passengers previously assumed by 2025. Even better, these ridership numbers consecrate the Lynx system the 21st-largest light rail system in the United States, just behind Seattle’s Central Link and ahead of Portland’s Streetcar and Cleveland’s Rapid System. This, of course, is to say nothing of the new development and eco-friendly benefits flowing therefrom.

Well, at least Tampa has its Devil Rays.

Mike Thelen is an associate in Womble Carlyle’s Real Estate and Real Estate Litigation practice groups. He regularly represents a wide variety of clients in land use issues, from local governments to businesses, in both state and federal venues throughout North Carolina.

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