Eminent Domain & Taking Issues

Checking the "Landscape" of the North Carolina General Assembly’s Just-Concluded Session

Working since January, the Republican-led North Carolina General Assembly has adjourned for the 2013 session, leaving Raleigh until the spring of 2014 “short session”.

The dust is starting to settle from a busy and nationally-relevant (or so it seemed) session, which included everything from (in my opinion) insignificant high-profile legislation to significant low-profile legislation, and all in between.  Some proposed legislation is still before Governor Pat McCrory.  But short of a “special session”, we will not see anything new proposed in the coming several months.

So, this is as good a time as any to review what’s come from Jones Street.  As usual, Professor David Owens of the U.N.C. School of Government does the best — and easiest to follow — job of collecting and digesting new laws that impact local governments in North Carolina, not the least of which relate to land use.  We won’t purport to duplicate what he has so effectively done.  Thus, Professor Owens’ table is available here.

We’ll highlight specific legislation in coming weeks.

This is Jones Street in Raleigh, where laws are made.  
Just down the street is Centro, where tacos are made.

Mike Thelen practices in Womble, Carlyle’s Real Estate Litigation and Land Use practice group. He regularly represents a wide variety of clients, from local governments to businesses, in land use and land development matters in both state and federal venues throughout North Carolina.  Follow the North Carolina Land Use Litigator on Twitter at @nclanduselaw and “like” us on Facebook here.

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