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Raleigh Updates Public on the Citywide Zoning Re-Mapping Process

We’ve blogged in the past here, here, and here about the City of Raleigh’s massive zoning re-mapping process, which is meant to migrate all properties in the City’s land use jurisdiction into the reach of the new Unified Development Ordinance.  The re-mapping will have a significant effect on non-residential properties, of which there are many.

If you own or have some other interest in nonresidential property in the City, you should pay attention.

The City recently issued an update as to where it is in the process.  Here is the gist, directly from the City:

The City is in the process of rezoning a large area of land to replace older zoning districts with new UDO districts. City Staff developed a draft map of recommended changes to take to the Raleigh Planning Commission and City Council for approval. The draft map was released in May for a public comment period that ended September 30. During that phase, the City heard from and responded to 1,750 comments, of which about 500 requested changes to the draft recommendations that staff put forward.

Where are we now? Since October, the Planning Commission has been reviewing public comment change requests and developing recommendations. The Planning Commission’s review is organized geographically by the City’s Citizen Advisory Council (CAC) areas. They have formed recommendations on change requests focused on the North, Northeast, Forestville, Atlantic, Midtown, Hillsborough, Five Points, and Mordecai CACs. If you are interested in past review sessions, you can view videos of these meetings at You will find the “Planning Commission Work Sessions” under “Planning Related Videos.”

Where are we going? On January 6, the Planning Commission will continue its review of the draft recommendations, examining public comments related to the South, Southeast, East, Central, South Central, and North Central CACs. Future meetings will address requests in the following order: West and Southwest CACs; and Wade, Glenwood and Northwest CACs. The Planning Commission review is anticipated to continue through March. At the end of the Planning Commission’s review its recommendations will be forwarded to City Council for final adoption. It is unknown at this point how long the City Council will take to review these recommendations. However, the review will include a widely-advertised public hearing, with mailed notice going out to all affected property owners.

Follow the process. The best place to find information is From this website you can add your email to the “UDO – Unified Development Ordinance communications” topic in the MyRaleigh Subscriptions box at the top right corner of the page (this may appear near the bottom on a mobile device) to receive email notification when new agendas are published. If you still wish to comment on the proposed zoning map each Planning Commission Work Session has time set aside to allow anyone to bring forth concerns they may have. These concerns can also be delivered by letter.

Mike Thelen practices in Womble, Carlyle’s Real Estate Litigation and Land Use practice group. He regularly represents a wide variety of clients, from local governments to businesses, in land use and land development matters in both state and federal venues throughout North Carolina.

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