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North Carolina Local Governments Scramble to Decide Whether Development Approvals Should Be Tolled/Extended Through December 2011

As we’ve blogged earlier, in light of recent uncertain economic conditions the North Carolina General Assembly passed “The Permit Extension Act of 2009.” The 2009 Act–S.L. 2009-406, a safety valve for developers and local governments, alike–provided that the running and the expiration of any time limit for taking […]

North Carolina Local Governments Mulling New Extension of Development Permit "Expiration Dates"

As the economy turned downward in 2008, many developers either opted to or were forced to postpone previously-approved projects throughout the State. This delay concerned the development community writ large that valuable and often couldn’t-do-that-again-if-we-tried approvals would expire before work could take place. As a result, North Carolina […]